DAY 13!!

May 21, 2018

I believe I mentioned to you all before that I struggle with anxiety but have come out on top the past half of a year. I haven’t had too much trouble recently. One of the reasons I feel better I believe is from my new found love with tea. I never used to be a tea drinker. Until I found the power of healing in it.
I’m not an affiliate for tea. I’m open to trying them. But the following is a tea recipe I use when my stomach is not where it should be and I’m feeling nausea. I feel that way more than I should and mostly because I either take things too personally or I get stressed about something. So I have learned to turn to tea for healing.

  • Lemon tea (I use loose leaf)

  • A splash of coconut milk

  • Ground ginger (at least a tsp)

  • 1/2 tsp turmeric

I put the loose leaf tea in my boiling water inside the tea kettle and I let it brew for 5 minutes. Its something about the first few sips that soothes my soul. I love trying new flavors. I’m excited for you to try it too!!!
As far as for exercise today I focused on mobility. I have terrible range anymore in my upper back and my ankles. I’m not sure when this began but I’ve been working on. I focused on deep squatting or monkey squats. I’ve posted a picture here for you.


I did 50 total just to see if I could improve by the end of it. Sure enough I did. I feel more mobility and almost ready to progress to some pistol squats!
Happy exercise!!


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