May 20, 2018

Today was our 1 year wedding anniversary!! We made it a whole year, are both still alive, and have not burnt anything down. What a crazy adventure. We have been through a lot of good and a lot of bad this past year. From traveling to Jamaica, Seattle, and New Orleans to losing 2 of our best doggie friends, an uncle, and others. Life is hard and sometimes does not seem fair.
Let me say a few things I’ve learned before going fully into my daily blog today. I’ve learned that life is short and we must live it with such passion or nothing will happen. I’ve learned I’m a girl on fire and am ready to make some changes to expand my career. I’ve learned I am so in love with my husband that I support the good and the bad but I fail him still. I’ve learned that sometimes life doesn’t work in your favor.
Sometimes if you don’t have a good mindset you may not be able to come through on top. I’m tired of being mediocre and I’m tired of choosing things because others need them or because it will benefit them. It’s time to benefit myself. Stay tuned for my change. It’s going to happen because I’m determined as hell!
Now, for the daily stuff. I am not even going to lie. I ate like crap today. Its Sunday and I was pretending that was an excuse and it was our anniversary so I pretended that was an excuse too. We had grilled cheese and tomatoe…in my defense I did have some homemade tomatoe soup with it!!! We also ate our cake we had saved from our wedding. We ate a few bites anyways. It tasted fine but in the back of my head eating something that’s a year old cant ne great for your body…right?
I did have a banana and strawberry smoothie for breakfast with peanut butter and coconut milk which was delicious. If you are looking for some quick breakfast ideas I plan to keep posting my smoothies because I am always on the go. The peanut butter added the protein that I need for energy and the frozen strawberries added some natural sweetness. I never use sweetened coconut milk because of how much sugar is in it!! It’s crazy. I mean, what in the world are we really eating?!? We are living in a world where its dangerous to eat romaine…
For exercise the husband and I went on a 45 minute moderate intensity walk on the beach. The beach has always been our serenity. We love where we live (Florida) and we do not take advantage of it enough. So we got married on the beach in Siesta Key and now live in Tampa Bay area. When we go to the beach it is like pulling teeth to get us to leave. We just love it.
The noise, the breeze, the sand between our toes. Each other. We have a great love story. Today’s exercise was my favorite.
Spend time with your loved ones.


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