Mar 22, 2018

How many times per day do you fight with yourself to change your mindset? Do you? Do you ever notice how we are kind of almost always looking at the negative side of things before we see the bright side? Did you know you can change that? You can make your mindset anything you ever wanted if you just form a habit of training and directing your thoughts. YOU are in control of your thoughts. You make the decisions.
So, here are my tips about how to do this:
1.) Jot down your negative thoughts. Chances are, they will be seen as silly later on when you go back to look.
2.) Walk away. If it something that is happening right in the moment, move out of the now. Take a 2 minute break, lock yourself in the broom closet, breathe and let it go. Yes, easier said than done, but I’m telling you if you make a habit of this, it goes by quicker.
3.) Smile. Even though you are dealing with a negative thought, make yourself smile and repeat 3-5 things you are grateful for RIGHT NOW. They can be just grateful for the ability to take this breathe, to have a smile, to have legs. Anything. We take so many things for granted.
4.) Do something nice for other people. Go out of your way and try to make someone else happy or smile. Do something to make others feel better and that makes you feel better.
If you look above at my picture, you can see that most of the battle is just to get in the right mindset. Yes, it’s the hardest part. But. We can do it. I have learned quickly that learning to change my mindset is the whole battle, not even half. If I can get my mind right, everything falls into place. I feel better, I no longer care about the negative thoughts or the negative things happening, and I am able to continue.
Another great way to get through fighting your mindset is to attempt meditation. There are SO many ways to do this. I have a few techniques that I’ve shared before but the following are my favorites and go -to:
The breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out for 8 seconds.
Sit in Indian style and bring your thumb to each finger tip and repeat, “Peace begins with me.” Each time you touch your fingertips together.
This 21 Day fix is life changing. I’m so excited that I am noticing so many HUGE things. I truly am learning so much about myself and making real changes. We only get one shot at life, and we have way too little time to waste it with negativity. Focus on what you are grateful for, those who support you and love you unconditionally, and what you can control. You have to focus on things that will get you to your goals. Don’t waste time on everything or everyone else. You won’t please everyone. You will have haters. You will make people mad. You will get dragged down. But. Get up. Go get what's yours.
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