May 19, 2018

Today was another day for some yoga. My body was just feeling tired and I was feeling a bit of mental exhaustion. From working on the weekends and working hard throughout the week, I’ve mentally exhausted myself. Sometimes I get so caught up in doing “life” I forget to live life. I forget to enjoy the little things, spend time with those I love, and enjoy everyday as if it is my last. If you follow me on Facebook, you know I’m adamant about living each day to its fullest. I have a positive mindset, but I think it’s okay to be exhausted sometimes.
My yoga routine consisted of the following:

  • Child’s Pose

  • Eagle’s Pose

  • Forward Fold

  • Corpse Pose

  • Some failed and some successful attempts at headstands

  • half moon pose

  • tree pose

  • corpse pose

Now, I am not a Yogie, so I did not hold for any specific time or for a long period. I held them until I felt more relaxed and like I truly got into the stretch. I felt better once I got through the series and actually might have fallen asleep after my corpse pose. I did not realize how fatigued I truly was from the week and from working the morning of. I also have a talk tomorrow, I’m hoping to highlight here, that I’m quite nervous about because I do not have “extra time” to prepare for those things so I have to do them on the fly.
After the yoga, I wanted some ice cream. But I am tired of eating the fatty kind so I got kind of creative. I had frozen peaches in my freezer and started to browse the internet for peach healthy ice cream and here is what I did:

  • In a food processor, put:

    • frozen peaches

    • honey

    • plain yogurt

    • lemon juice

  • mix completely and eat immediately.

It was delicious. I’ve included my yoga mat I use as well as the food processor I LOVE below. If you do not have a food processor in your kitchen, you aren’t winning!!
Get to your bendy and ice cream now!
Best Yoga Mat Everrrrrr
My Fave Food Processor
<3 <3 <3 <3


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