Mar 21, 2018

Today I was moody. I was so moody. Every little thing made me upset. I was sad. I was mad. I was irritable. It was odd. I also had really intense cravings. All of which is different. It’s day 10 and I didn’t expect my cravings to come this late in the game but they did. So here I am. Coping.
I’ve been fighting anxiety on and off. I’ve been having a really tough time trying to be myself and trying to accept things the way they are. It’s been a battle I’ve had with myself before.
Let’s face it. Raise your hand if you have had anxiety. Actually. Comment or post and let me know. I want to talk to you. I want to share my story. I’ve got a lot to offer but have taken so long to let it loose because of my anxiety. I’ve always had it. Always struggled. I don’t sleep at night due to the fear someone took what I said wrong. I’m sick all day due to thinking someone is mad at me. People around you don’t understand if they have never had anxiety before. We can’t expect them to. We truly can’t expect anything.
You see. The problem is that I care way too much about what other people think. I always put what people say or think or do in my head. When in all honesty. They don’t waste half a minute doing the same for me. So. Therefore. Here is a promise to myself to stop.
I am fierce. I am awesome. You are lucky to know me. Don’t forget that. I will do big things and you want to be a part of them. But I forgive those who have hurt me a long the way. I do. Because I’m not hurting by how they’ve treated me anymore. I’ve grown and learned from it. I don’t want to dwell on how they feel anymore. Or what they said. How they acted. I’m worth a lot. I deserve respect. I deserve better.
I’m going to get my better! You should too.
So this 21 day fix has turned into and emotional and mental journey for me. I freaking love that. I’m growing every single day.
I’ve made it through all workouts at 5 am so far. I have not had to quit or take a day off. I feel very sore but am pushing everyday!!!
Below is me. Sweating to death. After my workout. At 530 in the morning!!! Get moving. Do it early. It makes for such a good day!!!


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