May 18, 2018

Today I have to be honest. A patient brought in doughnuts and I had one. A glazed one. It was delicious and from Krispy Kreme but let me tell you. I regretted it instantly. I got fatigued and sluggish and felt crummy. I really have to be careful about my sugar intake it messes with me!
For exercise I did some swiss ball activities. I have a 75 cm swiss ball and here is my workout:

  • Kneeling on the ball with rows from cables x3 minutes

  • Bird dogs x3 minutes

  • Plank rolls to pike x3 minutes

  • Crunches x3 minutes

I did my activities for time because I am trying to build endurance. Here is the link for the ball:
Buy the Exercise Ball Here
As far as food goes I didn't do anything special today so I want to take this time to remind you to drink water. Lots of it. I got dehydrated because I was busy and didn't think about my water intake. You can get really sick without water. It helps with all functions of life! You need to have between 64 and 80 ounces per day, or you can half your body weight in ounces and drink that much. Pure water and nothing in it. You will feel so good if you drink enough!!!


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