Empower to Support Other Women

Mar 08, 2020

Okay, it’s time we address this..... 

Real talk. Can we discuss the Superbowl halftime show? Yes, I know I’m late. Yes, I know it’s been addressed in many lights... but quite honestly, I’ve needed time to process. 

I needed to process the ridiculous amounts of hater-aide that apparently people are drinking. 

I needed to process what my thoughts were. 

What I found was I kept watching it over....and over... and over... 

Truly trying to figure out why everyone was so upset.... So, I thought this through and I’m writing my thoughts out here. 

My VERY FIRST thoughts about the performance, like exactly what I was thinking.... 

  • Holy shit. How old is she again?! 
  • I took years of hip hop and belly dancing and I still cannot do the Shakira hip thing. Why do I not have a move named after me?!
  • Those outfits are FABULOUS! 
  • I LOVE this. I’m having so much fun. 
  • Cue the tears.... I really hope I can still move like this when I’m in my 40s or 50s! 

Those were the thoughts I had. I thought Jennifer Lopez and Shakira totally CRUSHED it!!!!! 

I was 100% immersed in the entire performance and I thought it was amazing. I truly do.  

But then I started to see the posts.... the haters... the really terrible things that were being said. 

So, I’ve also decided to write about those things. Because, well this is my blog and I do what I want.  


For those of you saying it is not appropriate for your kids to watch... 

I do challenge you allow this as an opportunity to have a conversation about a few things with your children. 

  • Tell your daughters what confidence looks like. It looks like standing on a stage, hot AF, but also not caring what others are going to say about your performance. DO IT ANYWAY. 
  • Tell your kids that you should not watch a performance just to judge them. Judgement is not for us.  
  • You should not compare yourself to others. We all have different strengths.  

I want us to take a step back and remember what it looks like to be able to perform the way that they do.  

That performance took hours of preparation. 

Lots of self-discipline with nutrition and meals.  

I can only imagine the amount of time these 2 powerful women have spent on building up their confidence and making sure that they are ready to step on stage in front of millions. 

As a woman. 

As an entrepreneur. 

As someone who has experienced assault and domestic abuse. 

Seeing 2 strong females on a stage, giving it everything they have, working their assess off to look the way they do only gives me inspiration. 

It gives me motivation to get off my ass to continue moving and exercising. 

It gives me the drive to continue trying to love myself and my body. 

For those of you who said that their bodies being flaunted was too sexual.... 

I think women should feel confident in their bodies.  

I think we should flaunt what we have and be HAPPY within our own skin. 

If we are sitting on the couch eating potato chips and wishing for the failures of other women who have gotten off the couch and eaten the vegetables.... 

We have a lot more work to do... 

We are not in a place to judge the work of others. Let’s stop tearing each other down and start building our sisters up. 

Let’s stop waiting on someone to fail. 

Let’s start making a change for ourselves and in the lives of others. 

Let’s be happy for the success and work our sisters do.  

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira kicked ass at the halftime show and honestly... we need to be better at supporting.  


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