May 08, 2018

So, you all remember my 21 Day Fix where I changed my diet and had no sugar, dairy, or gluten. I felt fantastic after I had the withdrawal symptoms! I did end up going back to some of my “before fix” days by going back to half and half in my coffee and occasionally having sugar. That’s truly the only dairy I’ve had unless I cook with cheese and will only eat sugar if it’s in something like my oatmeal or on the weekend if I go get ice cream with the hubby. However, I’ve stuck to most of the good ways.
One thing you need to know about me is I am a huge foodie. I LOVE food. I am trying my best to get better and better each day. I’m not the kind of foodie that tries all the fattening foods though, I actually try to find alternatives or healthy ways to eat them. I cook a lot as well and am fairly good about finding tasty alternatives!
You all seemed to enjoy my 21 days of posting and kept up with me on my journey so I’d like to pose I’m going to do that again, except for 20 days. Each day I will mention how I got my exercise in (or if I didn’t, let’s be honest and hold me accountable as well) and also an alternative/recipe/food I had that was nourishing and I’d like to share. Through this I’m also going to share my food journal with you all because I’m trying to hold myself accountable.
I will be sure to add my affiliate links to the utensils/equipment I utilize for my workouts as well as what I use in the kitchen. I will post pictures of the good times, the bad times, and the ugly.
Will you join me on my journey? It’s going to begin tomorrow, 5/10/18 and I will post here everyday about my daily routines! I will have one conference during the 20 days on May 25-28 and will try to keep up during that time as well. If I cannot keep up during the conference I will make up for the days missed and make sure to let you all know!
I’m excited for this and hope you are as well! I’ll see you all tomorrow! My posts will be posted the following day (8 AM) so you have all day to look at it! So at 8 AM tomorrow you will see my first post (written for the day before- today).
<3 <3 <3 <3


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