Jan 04, 2019

I know, I get it. It can sometimes be overwhelming to read and see so many different things about the same topic. I often have to sit down and help my patients sift through information just to get to what is necessary! So, I wanted to give you the chance to use this article for your source of information. Please note, this is not medical advice but I will refer to several different research articles to help us get to the bottom of it!

I’m going to answer the most frequently asked questions I get about hemp and CBD so that you can maybe feel more confident about choosing and using these products!!

Is there a difference between CBD and hemp oils?

  • The answer is yes. It depends on WHERE the oil was extracted from the hemp plant. Both types of oil (hemp and CBD) are derived from what is known as the cannibis plant.

  • Hemp oil is derived from the cannibis sativa plant. Hemp plants are grown for either fiber or seed oils (hints the hemp oil). Only the seed of this plant is cold pressed to make the product. This type of oil is tested for THC content (the stuff that makes you feel high) but is not tested for cannaboidal. You can purchase fully THC free products when it is labeled a hemp product.

  • CBD (truly known as cannaboidal) can be derived from the hemp plant or what is known as a “drug” plant. The “drug” plant has both euphoric and non euphoric CBD oils that can be derived. This includes cannboidals (I know, funky word.) This type of oil typically has some THC due to the higher ratios of cannaboidal and THC in the plant.

Now, please understand that this is different from what is known as the marijuana plant. Marijuana is grown to be high in THC (the stuff that makes you high) whereas hemp and CBD are meant to have much lower content here. Without going into all of the sciencey stuff, that should do for now!

How do you choose where to buy your products?

This is the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION isn’t it? Now I know the difference in CBD and hemp but how do I find the right product? Well, I’ve got some tips for you!

  • Depends on what you need.

    • Are you looking for a balm? A roller? A sublingual (under the tongue)? Capsules?

      • Some companies only carry a few different types. So you will want to consider then when shopping.

  • Check to see if the sight has research for you to read.

    • Not just a simple blog. They should have information about everything above and assistance with helping you choose. If they do not, chances are you do not want to find out.

  • Is it full spectrum?

    • Another term to look for. The reason being, it is produced better and more effectively when it is full spectrum.

      • this means that in the process of creating the oil, they use as much of the plant as they possibly can. This gives a much better effect when using!

    • The other choice is isolate. This contains only one compound, not all of the above.

    • You may think that less is more, but research shows otherwise!!!

  • Price

    • Yes, good quality will cost you a bit more. But that’s okay. However, don’t get conned into spending an uncanny amount of money on a product that is not the BEST.

  • Know what concentration you need.

    • The rule of thumb is that the higher the concentration, the higher the effect.

    • For instance, I use 250mg tincture in the morning to get me prepared for the day, but 500mg at night to sleep well.

What the heck do I use it for?

There are an overwhelming amount of things that this product can be used for.

I use it for:

  • Pain (muscle soreness, joint pain)

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • pain with intercourse (yes, I use it as a lubricant)

  • insomnia

Research and testimonials are showing improvements with:

  • seizures

  • arthritis

  • multiple sclerosis

  • cancer

  • acne treatments

  • anti-inflammatory

  • drug withdrawals

  • neurological disorders

I keep reading about the ENDOCANNABINOID system. What is that?

It’s another system in our body that we forgot we had!!! This system helps to maintain homeostasis (stable equilibrium) and assists with other systems in the body so they function properly. In this system there are endocannabinoids (cannabinoids naturally produced in the body). These are VITAL to our overall health!

The “runner’s high” is BECAUSE OF THIS SYSTEM!!!!


I do use these products myself. I would never be able to recommend anything that I do not use. I love to research, learn, and try different products so please let me know if you have any questions!!! I DO have products that I am able to distribute and sell if you are interested, just ask! 


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