Jul 07, 2019

Research Article 

  • Title: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy for Female Stress Urinary Incontinence: Five Years Outcome 
  • Authors: N. Beyar, A. Groutz 
  • DOI: 

    Pelvic floor physical therapy or pelvic floor muscle training has been recognized as an appropriate method of conservative treatment for women who have stress urinary incontinence. Stress urinary incontinence is where you leak urine out of your control when you cough, laugh, sneeze, jump, or do anything that increases your intra-abdominal pressure. This study took 263 women who went through pelvic floor physical therapy for stress urinary incontinence and received treatments for pelvic floor muscle training, 5 years earlier. Even though only half of the initial cohort of women from 5 years earlier completed all necessary questionnaires these findings are important: 
    • Of the women who completed all questionaries, 56.8% quit doing their pelvic floor muscle training programs. 
    • 41.7% continued doing the pelvic floor muscle program for the entire 5 years. 
    • 2 women underwent surgery for stress urinary incontinence. 
    • All of the women (other than surgical cases) reports mild to low symptoms of stress urinary incontinence at the 5 year mark. 
    • However, out of all women (not the surgical cases), they all reported a better quality of life.  
    • What you need to know: 
      • Being given a pelvic floor muscle training program is to be performed to prevent symptoms from coming back, so do it! 
      • Proper pelvic floor muscle training can improve your quality of life! 
      • There is a significant improvement in symptoms with physical therapy. 
      • You can be part of the “leak no more” club!!! 

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