May 17, 2018

Today was a good day! I was told once by a good friend, “Every day is a good day to have a good day.” I never realized how true that statement was until I thought about it. Our day is how we perceive it to be. If we allow things to get to us and we get into a negative mind set, our whole day could be ruined. Or we could simply change it. It truly is up to us.
Anyways. On to what you came here for. I did the following for exercise:
21 reps then 15 reps then 9 reps of each:

  • Russian Twists

  • Burpees

  • Squat jumps

  • tricep dips

I was exhausted. It was a short workout, but hey it got the job done. Increased heart rate, lots of sweat, and very tired. I truly am trying to get better about working out every day. It’s been difficult because I’m actually very fatigued at the end of my day, like really tired. I have no energy left some days. But I have to get better about doing something everything. This is me asking you to hold me accountable.
For food? Well, I had oatmeal for breakfast, leftover grouper, beans, and risotto for lunch and just a simple kale salad for dinner. My stomach was still feeling a bit out of it today so I ate pretty light. On my salad I put:

  • kale

  • carrots

  • bell pepper

  • egg

  • balsamic vinegar and olive oil

That was it. And that is all for today!
What did you do for exercise today?
What did you eat?


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