3 Lies You've Probably Been Told By Your Doctor

Feb 07, 2021

You may not even know that these things may be contributing to your bladder issues. You may have been told to do the things I am going to list here to stop the bladder issues…


Here’s the deal. Much of the information out there has been given for decades… but here we are, still with bladder issues. In fact, the bladder issues have increased over the years. I feel that is because of the amount we are discussing them now. We are no longer afraid to ask for help (or most of the time).


I could spend days and days writing out the myths out there, and writing out the information I hear clients being told that is reversing benefiting them. That’s not what this is though. I’m going to start with just writing out 3 that I hear all the time.


So, sit back, relax, and listen up buttercup. Your pelvic floor deserves to know the truth!


Lie #1 : If you are experiencing pain with sex, drink wine before!


Now, yes, alcohol consumption may be able to decrease the nerve signals and pain initially. However, you have to weigh the pros and cons here.


It MIGHT decrease your sensation and feeling temporarily, however, it can also contribute to hypersensitivity, long term issues, and addiction.

And... who wants to only be able to have sex while tipsy? The chances are that eventually the alcohol will no longer work to decrease your pain.


Pain with sex is NEVER normal and you should be able to figure out WHY you are having pain so we can get rid of the cause and fully eliminate the pain without use of substances.


Lie #2: Perform your kegels while peeing, stop your urine stream.


DON’T DO IT! This may seem like a good idea at the time, and chances are you’ve been told to do this by your doctor or a professional. 


But don’t! If you do this, you are not allowing your bladder to fully empty, which can increase your risk of infection (urinary tract infection or bladder infection) and also will increase the bladder issues that may show up later on in life.


You will be more likely to have pelvic floor dysfunction if you start this now. 


There are many better ways to do this!


Lie #3: If you’ve had kids it’s normal to pee yourself especially with laughing, coughing, or sneezing and it’s also normal not to enjoy sex anymore.


I call bullshit on this one. 


No matter your age, no matter how many kids, no matter the situation, it is NEVER normal for you to experience pain during sex OR leak at ANY time. 


You should not have to worry about peeing when laughing with your friends. You should not have to worry about peeing when you go to a new kickboxing class. 


It’s really an important conversation to have because most of us assume it is normal because everyone talks about it being normal. 


So if everyone says it’s normal… that means it’s okay to deal with right?




Again, it’s so important to know you aren’t alone. Nor is it something you have to deal with. You don’t have to live like this.


Now that we have discussed these lies. Get yourself to see a Pelvic PT and address them!!


We offer virtual sessions and in person sessions!


Dr. Kaylee Simmerman, PT, DPT

Owner/CEO of FEMMEmpowerment and Advocacy, LLC, Down There Docs

Creator of The Bladder Solution, Core UPGRADE, FEMMEmpowered Birth


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