Leak NO MORE!!

Aug 18, 2019

Today, the topic today is "jumping without peeing." Or, "Jumping without the dump!" 

I am so excited to talk about this because technically, this is what I've created my entire business around.  

There is an issue in our athletic community where we all leak when doing things like box jumps, double unders or jumping rope, or running. There are many other instances, but those are the top 3. In fact, 

  • 71% of female athletes leak during double unders
  • 43% with box jumps 
  • 24% with running 

and who knows how much with heavy squats... 

That is a remarkable and way too large number. So, I'm breaking the mold. 

You don't have to. You don't have to pee when you do those things. You can totally wear light leggings, do double unders, and not have to freak out when you see jumping on the board. 

I see patient accomplish this everyday and they are highly successful. It really just takes one thing... 

you need to be willing to start. 

So, keep reading IF: 

You are tired of peeing your pants. 

You'd like to workout without worrying about the bathroom breaks. 

You don't want to keep bringing extra clothes to the gym. 

You actually want to be your healthiest self. 

If that is not you, it's okay! I'll see you next week. But, if that is you... 

SEARCH NO MORE! I have created the solution. 

I have created a 100% ONLINE platform that details all the things you need and need to do to rid of the pesky little problem. 

What you'll get: 

Leak No more with double unders 
Leak no more with running 
Leak no more with box jumps 

All instant access, all online, 100% in your home.  

I promise you're worth it and I promise it's worth it. 

Check out www.femmempower.org/leaknomore 

If you still have questions, email me.  

I'm looking forward to working with you and I'm excited for you to take this next step and free yourself of the embarrassment and frustration. 

I only wish this product was around when I was peeing myself... 


Dr. Kaylee 


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