Mar 09, 2018

Today I am going to put this out there in order to keep myself accountable. I am starting the 21 day fix from Beachbody on Monday (the 12th). This will be a good test for me, as within those 3 weeks, I have an adventure hunt I am involved in, St. Paddy’s day, as well as a concert. So. NO sugar, NO gluten, NO dairy, NO alcohol-yes, I am aware that this is not the 21 day fix per se but this is my change with it- I want to remove the above from my diet. I am very excited to have this experience though because I have not been feeling well. I have been having a lot of dizziness, impaired strength and grip ability, lack of concentration, high fatigue, and just not feeling myself. I’ve had these symptoms for a while. I am always very high energy and almost always feel my best, unless I am under a ton of stress of course. Another thing I’m hoping to get to the root of is skin problems. I’ve all of a sudden turned 27, decided my face was going to break out with weird bumps and lines, and OMG I have wrinkles….my skin is extremely dry. My scalp breaks out with weird dry patches of plaques, which we thought was psoriasis but no treatments worked. Then looked into seborrhic dermatitis. Nothing worked there either. So…there is that too.

Anyways. I am using 21 day fix to see if I can get control of my cravings, improve my eating habits, take the advantage to remove the crappy foods I eat, and also to see what positive effects these changes may have.

I will be blogging each day about how I am doing, what I am feeling, what I am eating, etc. I will also keep you posted on Beachbody as I will be becoming an affiliate once I try some of their products!!! Keep me motivated guys!!


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