Apr 24, 2018

Get it? Keeping up with the Kardashian’s, but Keeping up with the cardio instead? I LOVE puns! Anyways. Today’s post is all about some recommendations, ideas, thoughts on cardio exercise. Firstly, I want to know:
“Do you cardio? If so, what do you do? How long do you spend on cardio? Do you do cardio everyday? If not, how many days a week?”
I look forward to hearing these responses. Now, for my answers:
I cardio. I run, power walk, play sports, or do tibatta themed workouts. The time spent depends on what I’m doing, walking at least for 45 minutes, running depends on when my chest gives up. I do not do cardio everyday but I am trying to transition into doing some everyday. I typically do 3-4 days per week.
So, I’m failing you by not doing everything recommended. The recommended cardiovascular activity is as follows:

  • 150 moderate activity minutes per week

  • 30-60 minutes of moderate activity 5 days per week


  • 20-60 minutes vigorous activity 3 days per week

The above is from the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). You can complete the above by doing bouts of 10 minutes, or doing a continuous round. You clearly want to progress yourself to the above if you are currently getting no activity at all.
Cardio is something that gets your heart rate to the desired target. If you do a simple formula of 220-your age you will get a fairly accurate picture of where your target heart rate should be. Now, keep in mind that you do not want to get to your target and stay there for 60 minutes if you have had no exercise in a long time. Start slow, progress towards it, and push towards your goal.
Cardio can be in the form of a sport that requires running (soccer, football), jumping (jump rope), kickboxing, jump rope, swimming, tabata workouts, or even just a ton of strength training with very little rest in between. I tend to do my cardio in bouts. Example: running up and down the stairs 5 times before work. At work doing a 10-15 minute body weight workout. The. Taking the stairs at the end of the day as fast as I can. I do this every day but you can see I am still not getting the full recommended time. I need to increase this to meet my goals!
Another thing to consider is to pay attention to your perceived exertion. If you are going for moderate activity but feel as if you will pass out and are super faint feeling, you are most likely at vigorous. Every body type is different. There are tons of numbers and equations we can go over for you to understand the right target for you, but mostly I tell patients to focus on moderate to vigorous. Work to fatigue and push yourself to the point you feel completely worked by the end of it. Also pace yourself. If you cycle, dont start at the highest resistance and then go for the first 10 minute. Just like running a marathon, pace yourself.
Cardio can be fun. Try not to do the same exercises every time so that you do not get bored. Switch up between sports and running and kickboxing. It gives you different muscles to work on and different exhaustion levels!!!
I’d love to hear your questions or hear what you are doing for cardio each day. Do not forget that if you do not invest in your health now, you will be paying for it later!!!


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