May 31, 2018

Yes, I said Cucumber Sushi. I did. I realized following my epiphany the other day that I need more veggies. More variety and to get away from what I’m usually doing. I wanted to see if I could use several different veggies to put together a veggie sushi. So, here is what I did:

  • 2 cucumbers, halve them and remove the seeds and make the middle of the cucumber slices hollow

  • Some avocado (I used a full half)

  • sliced red pepper

  • sliced yellow pepper

  • carrot strips (you can do your own or buy them already it strips)

    • Press some avocado into the bottom of the hollowed out cucumber

    • fill with the veggies and make it colorful

Such an awesome snack! I dipped them in gluten free soy sauce and sriracha! You can probably make some other sauces! I ate all of them in one day actually. Easy way to add in some veggies!!!
Now, on to the exercise. I LOVE stairs because I do not have to buy the equipment or worry about the equipment. So I ran the stairs again. This time I did the following:

  • I have 4 flights of stairs:

    • 2 times up and down of running up the stairs

    • 2 times up and down of skipping every other stai

    • 2 times up and down sideways

    • 2 times up and down backwards

      • I repeated the above 3 times!

      • And I almost passed out!!!

Such an easy, cheap way to add in exercise. I’m really going to miss having them when we move from our apartment complex!!
Try out the recipe and the stairs and let me know what you think!


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