Dr. Kaylee is a doctor of physical therapy located in Seminole, FL. She specializes in women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction, particularly: postpartum care, pelvic pain, chronic pelvic pain, vulvodynia, pain with intercourse, diastasis recti and many more! With her women’s health expertise, she is able to combine her orthopedic knowledge to make the best option for your postpartum athletic care!

She is passionate about the importance of understanding your mindset connection on your healing process. She is fortunately able to offer highly effective care for specific genres of exercise such as running and CrossFit.

She offers one-on-one care and is able to utilize her musculoskeletal, biomechanical, and anatomical expertise combined with expertise on mindset, stress and anxiety management, and female specific functional assessment in order to help you regain your function. She is also a Birthfit trained Professional which allows her to utilize the principles of Birthfit in her practice involving: Nutrition, Mindset, Fitness, and Connection.

Dr. Kaylee’s goal is to be able to empower and advocate for as many women as possible not only in her communities of Seminole and St. Petersburg, Florida but all around the world with utilization of telemedicine. She believes that pelvic health impairments should be something that is known and talked about and that no woman should suffer alone. She uses her knowledge and expertise to help the woman regain her emotional, mental, and physical well-being at the most optimal level possible.

Dr. Kaylee earned her Doctorate Degree from the University of St. Augustine in Florida after moving from Tennessee. She has continued her education and will be continuing her education by advanced coursework towards certification through Herman and Wallace and the American Physical Therapy Association, Section on Women’s Health. She is also involved in many online professional education services. She will always learn more as every woman is different and she wants to have as many options as possible to give you the care you deserve!

Dr. Kaylee moved to Tampa Bay in 2016 with her now husband, who is a realtor in the area. They have since bought a house, started businesses, and enjoy any chance they can get to go explore via traveling or through outdoor activities. They are currently searching for a puppy to allow growth in their family. Her family resides in Tennessee and love to come visit her in the sun!



FEMMEmpowerment and Advocacy was created to empower and advocate for women going through the transition into pregnancy or postpartum. There are many things that are missed, not explained, or ignored after a woman gives birth and FEMMEmpowerment and Advocacy wants to help bridge that gap!


All the things you should feel about yourself!

You will receive full, one on one care with this practice, either in the comfort of your own home or at The Birth Center of St. Pete. You also have the option for video consultation. Due to being a more intimate and underutilized service, FEMMEmpowerment and Advocacy is a “fee for service” practice, meaning they do not rely on insurance companies. This allows full control of your plan of care!


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
Mobile Physical Therapy
Telehealth and Wellness Coaching

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