Frequently Asked Questions

A pelvic floor physical therapist is a physical therapist who takes extra training and education to work with pelvic floor dysfunction. A pelvic floor PT is one who treats dysfunctions based on problems with pooping, peeing, sex, pregnancy, or postpartum problems. Pelvic floor PT can address men and women.

In person sessions: expect to spend an hour and a half with your therapist to complete the entire evaluation. Wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in, you will most likely be asked to perform tasks such as squatting, moving, or even lifting. If it is determined necessary, you may have an internal vaginal or rectal exam (with your consent) and this involves the therapist's fingers and lubrication. The musculature throughout the pelvic floor will be assessed. This can possibly contribute to some soreness. If you have questions or concerns about your first visit or the internal examination please speak with your doctor prior to your appointment. Virtual Sessions: make sure you have wifi and internet connections. You will perform movements, but you will not need to show your genitals on the video. This will not be recorded unless you have requested.

Down There Docs with FEMMEmpowerment and Advocacy, LLC is a "fee for service" provider, meaning we do not go through insurance companies. This allows us to offer you the most value for your treatments. There is a possibility you could potentially be reimbursed for your out of network contributions and if you wish to try, request a superbill be send to you following your visit so you can submit to your insurance company. Your therapist will help you with this.

For both mobile and a session at a location, each session is $250.00.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, check, HSA/FSA.


You can save $100 if you purchase a package of 6 sessions.

You can save $200 if you purchase 8 sessions.

You can save $250 (a session for free!) if you purchase 10 sessions.

You can save $300 by purchasing 12 sessions.

We can discuss other options as well.

Same discounts apply for the virtual sessions (each are $225).

Yes. We can set up a payment plan upon your request.

This will depend on a discussion we have on your first session.

We will talk about what you are able to do monthly, and depending on how many sessions you need, we set you up on a monthly payment.

➡ Urinary Incontinence (leakage of urine)

➡ Fecal Incontinence


➡Pelvic Pain

➡Pain With Sex

➡Diastasis Recti

➡Pain During Pregnancy

➡Sacroiliac Joint Pain

➡Low Back Pain

➡Pubic Symphysis Pain and Dysfunction

➡Hip Pain

➡Pelvic Organ Prolapse

➡Return To Exercise Postpartum

➡Erectile Dysfunction

➡Testicular Pain


...and more!

Virtual sessions can be just as effective as in person!

We will set up the 60 minute session and send you a Zoom link. You will log in and we will get started!

Expect a conversation first, then we will ask you to do certain movements and things. 

From there we go straight into treatment!

Each sessions is 60 minutes and $225. Packages and payment plans available.

You get one on one care with your doctor. You are never left in the dark or interrupted by another patient. There are no "overhead" clinicians telling us how to treat you and we are not restricted by insurance limitations. You have the option to be seen in your home, or in our clinic space in St. Pete or Dunedin. You are treated like royalty. You get access to your home exercise program and access to your doctor as we are working on your plan of care. You become family. ❤

This depends on exactly what your diagnosis comes out to be. However, typically we see clients between 8 and 12 total sessions.

This also depends but we will usually see our clients once per week for a few weeks, and then every other week, then every month, etc. We help you reach your goals and then you get to live your life!

As mentioned above, we are out of network.

We do not accept Medicaid, but have options for pricing if needed.

As far as Medicare: unfortunately in the state of Florida, we are prohibited from treating clients with Medicare because we are out of network. We are happy to assist you in finding a practitioner who is able to take Medicare in the area if you call!


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